great news about a beauty box [Edit]

I interrupt this awfully random broadcast to shout Hoorraaaay!!

Caroline Hirons, THE guru you need to follow to know everything skincare related, has partnered with Cult Beauty to provide us a Beauty Box*.

She has single handedly picked some of her favourite products and I’m drooling over them all.

Why am I so excited about this?

Two reasons:
1) Caroline herself was the ring master when it came to picking the products, which can only mean LUSH in every. single. jar.

2) It had worldwide delivery!!!

Why have I experienced a sudden shiver down my spine?

1) it is FREAKING expensive. Yes, it still came 100£ under the actual price if you bought those products individually but, dang… you really need to inhale and exhale a couple of times…

2) I took the plunge, and I got to order one before they sold out… So I’ll be living on breadcrumbs and water for the rest of the month.

The first boxes sold out in a matter of hours. Oh yeah, Metallica concert kind of phenomenon right there. If you missed it, bang not your head against the wall too hard: you can still get 15% off when buying her favourite products.

Since I still managed to get a preorder that will hopefully arrive in June, I hereby promise to do an unboxing or review of sorts of the products. IF I’m still alive after not eating more than a couple of carrots I still have on my fridge.

*I wrongfully thought this would be a monthly subscription box, but no, it so happens it’s this once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on a huge amount of products for a lot less than they’re worth individually, WITH Caroline’s stamp of approval, and that’s that.

**I should state for the record, if you haven’t noticed by my lack of time and money to fully commit to a blog/YT channel, I have no affiliations whatsoever with… ANYTHING. Specifically: not Cult Beauty nor Caroline Hirons (If I had any affiliation with this lady, my skin would surely be quite different…) have any idea that I exist. Which means that if my eyeball falls off or if the products don’t do 140£ of skinCARE on me, I can rant as much as I want! ;))

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