affordable, quick, fuss-free smokey eye

for those who got overwhelmed with the colour-picking, the blending, the expensive products and the overall faff of my previous smokey eye video, here’s a fool- proof tutorial with one eyeshadow and one brush.

just pack the eyeshadow on the lid and blend the harsh edges on the crease. when the brush has barely any product left, you can go a bit up above the crease, if you’d like.
then apply a bit of shadow along the lower lash line and blend as well. you can take a smaller brush on there, if you’d prefer not to stab yourself in the eye and/or if you’d rather keep the eyeshadow quite close to the lash line.

tidy up under the eyes with what’s left on your concealer brush, top it off with some eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline (optional, obviously) and a few coats of your favourite mascara.
and there you go.

I used a Kiko cream eyeshadow (Metallic Shine in 03), which is quite affordable and gives you a lot of time to blend before setting, since it has a bit of a cream-to-powder finish.
you can use cream eyeshadows in pot or stick form (just be aware of their setting time and be a bit more quick if needed), and even good quality powder eyeshadows that are very pigmented and have that creamy feel to them (those can have a bit of fall-out so make sure you do your eyes first and then apply foundation/concealer/etc). some really affordable are the Kiko Infinity Eyeshadows, the Catrice Cosmetics Velvet Matt or the Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows.

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