the waterline damnation

someone asked me, on my facebook page, if I had any tips for making the eyeliner last longer on the waterline… I almost felt like a true beauty guru for 5 seconds!
it is a pain in the arse to make that sucker stay on your waterline instead of leaking into a pool of gunky mess on the outer corner of your eyes.
let me just start off by telling you: if someone says that there is a way to make your eyeliner budge-proof on your waterline, I dare them to a duel! #urbanmyth #dealwithit

having quite watery eyes, I go through that ordeal frequently. not having a miraculous solution, I’ve come across a couple of tricks that improve the longevity of the eyeliner quite a bit. which, for me, is almost like winning the battle…

1. choosing the guns
waterproof gel eyeliners are the thing. they are quite water-resistant on the waterline and they set, which makes them your waterline’s bffs.
you don’t have to go through all the faff of using a pot eyeliner, there are amazing waterproof gel eyeliner pencils out there, like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, the Kiko Dark Tide Eyeliner, Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Kajal, and my most recent amazing find: the Essence Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil — whoa this baby packs a punch in pigmentation, lasts as long as (if not longer than) its counterparts, and costs something like 3,50€!

2. doubling up the guards
apply your eyeliner as usual, do the rest of your makeup (giving it some time to set), and then add another layer. this will double the barriers your tears will have to tear down in order to smudge on their way to the outer corner. — if you can keep your eyes open for a few seconds before blinking, even better!

3. setting your foot on the ground
just grab a matching-colour powder eyeshadow and gently pat a bit right after the second layer of eyeliner for extra locking-in-place-ness.
(please, don’t do this if you have very sensitive/dry eyes or you wear contact lenses…)

4. always having alternative strategies 
the eyeliner will probably, eventually, bleed. so keep some cotton buds/q-tips and your eyeliner on your purse, for a quick touch-up on those long days.

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