wear SPF over makeup

yes, everyone knows one should wear SPF daily, and reapply it frequently, but how many of you actually reapply your SPF once you have a full face of makeup on?

I’ve always struggled with this, since I really do worry about my skin and doing the right thing. I mean, spending hundreds of euros on skincare is just pointless if you’re not cleansing, drinking water and protecting it from the sun… there is only so much retinol can do…

yet, there are ways to reapply SPF over makeup, be it with makeup or with other helpful products that have recently reached the market.

TIP: always blot the oils from your face with some blotting sheets before you apply any of these products.

Lancôme Miracle Cushion is a product I’ve mentioned frequently. in the context of this subject, it is important to say that it was admittedly inspired by corean makeup, which is known for tackling sun protection like no other, since over there sun exposure is seriously considered one of the worst things you can do to your skin.
Lancôme Miracle Cushion’s biggest pros are that it has a pretty acceptable SPF (23) and it doesn’t cake up on itself, like most foundations do. that added to the fact that it feels really refreshing on the skin, makes it look satiny and healthy, covers some imperfections and comes in a nifty compact makes it, hands down, my favourite foundation to reapply throughout the day — especially good for those, like me, whose faces eat up their foundation and would have to reapply any sort of coverage anyway.

2. Bare Minerals Natural Sunscreen . is a mineral SPF in powder form that comes in a twist-up brush packaging, great to take on the go with you, that you just tap and buff on to the skin. great fot those who feel the need to reapply powder on the skin (most makeup powders only go as high as SPF 15), and for those who don’t like any sort of greasy feeling.
It comes in 3 colours, but Peter Thomas Roth also created the Instant Mineral SPF 45, which is translucent.

3. Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30 is something I’ve been eager to see on the skincare world for years: a hydrating mist that has SPF in it! it answers the prayers of many, I think, tackling a series of inconvenient problems with any other products. you can spray it over makeup (it also sets makeup in place), it feels very refreshing and has a slight satiny finish. it leaves a bit of a residue on the skin, but nothing that really bothered me, to be honest. plus, it’s quite affordable. it’s going to be my go-to product of the summer for sure.
Coola also does a Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30, but it’s a lot harder to get hold of, and it costs 36€ (or dollars) for the same 50 ml.

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