innisfree . first impressions

after a long wait (and a lot of trees killed in the process)this ps with customs, I finally dug deep into my little package from the other side of the world, getting to know a bit more about Korean drugstore beauty and skincare.

this post is a bit of an update on these first impressions, and I must say I’m still quite chuffed about my little purchase. of course, one must remember these are very very affordable products, and not be so demanding — with things like scents or packaging, I mean.

I’m still quite a fan of the SPF I purchased — thank goodness I got 2 for 1 — because it moisturises the skin but sinks in really quickly and does not leave a greasy residue, but, at the same time, it does not dry out the skin. it’s really balancing, I must say, and it works beautifully under makeup. I will definitely use this one if I go to the beach, this year.

the cushion foundations, quite like the actual asian BB creams, are thicker and give more coverage than the western ones, and these also claim to have some skin care embedded to them (which I can’t attest to, I haven’t worn them long enough).
because of colour matching, I will reserve these two cushions for a more in-depth use in the winter (no good for touch-ups on the go for the time being), but I can say that I find the Long Wearing Cushion one to be a bit less moisturising, so it can cling on to some dry patches and fine lines after a few hours of use — good for those with smooth skin that want a lasting coverage; while the Ampoule Intense Cushion is more hydrating and has a bit more of a soft satiny finish to it, being more fitted for people with a bit more textured or dry skin.

the No Sebum loose powder was a great find: very very similar to the super expensive pore-blurring HD powders, but, unlike those, it does pack a punch on the oil-absorbing department. I don’t know if it’s just me, but those HD powders last about 2 hours on my skin before being totally desecrated by the oils on my skin. this powder, however, stands strong for quite some time (not all day or anything, but still), absorbing oils and making the pores look less visible.

the mineral blusher (not available at the moment on the website)… I must confess I didn’t use it again. it clings on to the texture on my skin and has absolutely no colour pay-off on me. it leaves a pretty sheen, almost like a subtle illuminator, so I’d guess it would be quite beautiful on very fair — and smooth —skins. if customs weren’t such a pain in the behind, I would surely test out the cream blushers, though…

aw, the Micromara Waterproof Mascara held up like a pro on my lashes for a long sweaty day. it is a beaut. although I’m more a fan of fluttery dense lashes on the top, this one will be my lower lashes’ best friend during the warm season.

the Eco Fruit Lip Tints, when you overcome the scent and taste (which only last for a few minutes), are a pretty good product: they leave a long-lasting stain your lips without any patchiness or dryness, as if you had been eating cherries. so adorable.

I still have to give those sheet masks a good test drive. I’ve only used two up until now (collagen and peptides, I still have to use the whitening pore one), and I haven’t seen any immediate results, but some masks are meant to slowly act on your skin and only show their potential after a few uses — not every mask is Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask eheh…

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