the ultimate monochromatic look — one product for the whole face

in a pinch, this oldie-but-goodie little trick has saved me time and time again when a sudden change of plans comes around, and I have nothing to go on with to freshen up my makeup except for what is on my minimal makeup bag I carry around with me.

the beauty industry is always re-inventing the wheel (but adding quality and innovation, of course), and that always makes me smile: a few weeks after the last time I used this little trick (that has been my go-to for years), and just a few days after I started my monochromatic looks saga, I come to know that Bite Beauty is releasing their Multisticks (you can see them in use on their Instagram). ideas are airborne, I always say.

this is a perfect little product, a cream stick with a neutral-based colour that can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips (buffing out or layering it as much as you’d like), and, since Bite Beauty is known for its food grade ingredients, I can only assume it will be a lot safer to use around the eyes than the ol’ lippie (I never had any problems, but…). not the first one of its kind, but surely a better version of what we could find until now.

but, hey, Bite isn’t available in Portugal, because we can’t buy from (we have a Sephora, but the brands they carry are a lot more similar to the ones you can see on the french website) — which pisses me off, by the way, but that’s another post —, so as we Portuguese use to say: if you don’t have a dog, you hunt with a cat. or a matte.

… a matte lipstick. I find that M.A.C. mattes have the perfect texture for this, but whatever floats your boat is fine by me! of course this is a lipstick, so you may have to retouch throughout the night. but hey! it works, it amps up your makeup in 30 seconds, and it fits even in the smallest clutches!

the colours I suggested are just a drop in the ocean of possibilities… the berries, the mauves, the purples, the deep reds, ooooh yes…

in the meantime, I took the chance to do sort of a what’s in my makeup bag, so here’s the full list of my essentials (aside from lip balm, hand cream and SPF):

deodorant wipes [I couldn’t find these on the U.S. website]

Essence Blotting Sheets

a cushion foundation (obvs) . Erborian BB Cushion Compact in door (US), not available in the UK as far as I can tell, although Selfridges does carry the brand.

liquid concealer . Maybelline Age Rewind/Eraser Eye Concealer

powder . I carry around either my Ingot mattifying loose powder in a repurposed Laura Mercier powder pot, or a compact like Mineralize Skin Finish Natural by M.A.C. or Rimmel Stay Matte.

a good matte lipstick . the colours I suggested in the video were WhirlPersistence and Velvet Teddy, and I used Persistence for the tutorial.



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