shiseido synchro skin foundation – up close and poresonal

how much do you want to see a foundation behaving on my skin? you really have to want it a lot, because there are close-close-ups on this video. this gal is rubbing her flaws in your face in the name of subjective-makeup-pseudo-science.

I had briefly heard about this foundation on a video, but it was one of those paid-for advertorial product-placement kind of things, and, ever since, the beauty blogger/youtuber in question never mentioned this product again. that usually makes me weary, but… there was something about the footage that kept me intrigued.

so I went to Sephora and, as a poor never-heard-of-by-PR girl, I asked for a sample of it.

as I stated in the video, I had already recorded a review on this foundation, but, since my computer decided to erase all the footage, I had to start from scratch, and this was a gym day. — don’t wear makeup to the gym, I’m just plain insane…

I had already really liked this foundation look, finish and wearability when I first used it, but, on this day, my jaw fell to the floor: it held up for more than 8 hours — enduring 1 hour of high intensity cardio training in which I sweated my face off. no joke. I can barely move my fingers to write, today.

Shiseido’s biggest claims regarding this foundation were the fact that it was seamlessly invisible on the skin, it adapts to skin’s variations and conditions, and it does not crease.

Check, check, and check, and some more. I’m totally flabbergasted… I mean, I cant’t have low expectations when a foundation costs 45€!, but this foundation was like “I see you and raise your bet”.

it has medium coverage (doesn’t build up much, nor is capable of covering raised red blemishes), demi-matte finish with an amazing healthy real-skin glow, you can’t see it on the skin, you can’t feel it, but it stays there perfecting you the whole day.
it does not emphasise the pores or the wrinkles (not even dry patches you may have), and it surely doesn’t cake up in them either. I don’t know how… I have some deep expression lines, as you can see, and there wasn’t a hint of pigment there. it is absolutely elastic: it moves with the skin, but it doesn’t move around on the skin.

It also adapts to the skin’s conditions, you can feel it set back to its natural state when you were out on a hot day. it has its limits, but, I mean… 50 minutes of intense cardio is just too much to ask of any foundation, even the ones which actually claim to be waterproof. when feeling a bit shiny, let it settle for a bit, and, if needed, one blot and you’re good to go.

I can’t attest for the long-term effects of the skin care built in the foundation, but, dang, it can’t hurt to have a little bit of anti-oxidants in there.

who is it for:
anyone with moody skin, I would say – not necessarily dry or oily, I think it might accommodate to a lot of different skin types in that matter; someone constantly worried about the foundation settling into their lines and wrinkles, or enhancing texture. someone who wants a one-stop foundation that lasts all day – even unscheduled plans that may come. someone who prefers an ultra-natural medium coverage finish from their foundation, and doesn’t mind a bit of glow.
someone who can dish out 45€ – quite well spent, I may add, but, still, I understand this is not for everyone. although a bit goes a long way and, if you wear it everyday, you’ll eventually dilute the price (45 days is 1€ a day!).

you should be aware of:
it has *a lot* of silicone in the formula. (although I haven’t broken out from it until now… I’m quite disappointed, because I always thought I was allergic to dimethicone…)

test it out by yourself. what works for me may not work for you.

it is quite a multitasker, this one. I’m so impressed I think I may take the plunge… Oh, my wallet is going to scream!

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