Look Fantastic Beauty Box Unboxing Jan 17

This month’s beauty box is Model and Runway themed, after Fashion Week.
So it’s a lot about pampering and de-stressing.

Also, as usual, I fill you in on my more in-depth impressions of the products from last month.

Let’s dig into it, shall we?

The prices listed are, as much as possible, from the Look Fantastic website.
This month’s box includes:

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
Full size 30 ml — (from Victoria Health, the EU distributor) 4,90€

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less
full size 10 ml — 14,95€
5 ml sample — 7,47€

Borghese Fango Mud Mask
full size 222 ml — 27,45€
25g sample — 3,91€

Polaar Icy Magic Roll On — Instant Eye Contour Energiser
the most similar product I found was this one, which is the Instant Eye Contour MULTI Energiser. Don’t know if it’s just repackaging because the one I have doesn’t list the ingredients.
full size 10 ml — 24,95€

Model Co Eye Lines Metallic Eyeshadow in St. Barts
This is a funny one. I can’t find this ANYWHERE. only on eBay, which leads me to believe it’s either a brand new product people are already selling there, or a discontinued product. I’ve found a blogger who listed the price, so I’m using her assertion. It kind of fits the brand’s website prices. If I can find any more information in the future, I’ll update this post.
full size — 15€ (?)

Myvitamins Catwalk Queen
Full size (60 tablets) — 15,95€
Sample (30 tablets) — 7,97€

Overall value of this month’s box: 65,05€


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