my favourite Lush products

although I have a great time with Lush’s bath bombs, bath mets and overall fun stuff, to me Lush is an overall really solid green-oriented brand with great products in all ranges. Lush is hardcore cruelty-free, many of their products are vegan, and they claim all of the chemicals they still use on their products (fragrance, sulfates, preservatives) to not be harmful for the skin, especially in the concentrations they use.
I had to had to do a video on my everyday Lush favourites.

nose disclaimer: I love soft, creamy, nutty scents, vanilla absolute, and then soft roses, coconut and coffee sort of aromas. not too much into the strongly fruity, tropical, sickening sweet or floral end of the smell spectrum. but all of this has to do with preferences, right? nothing like giving it a whiff in store ;)

products mentioned:

as always, check the ingredients list and take advantage of their extremely generous samples before committing to a full-sized product.

Ultrabland — the gentlest and most calming face cleansing balm. use it for second cleanse, especially if my skin is particularly sensitive or reactive.
Cup O’Coffee — sold as an exfoliating mask for face and body, I find it to be too drying for that purpose. I use it as a facial scrub — massaging it oh so gently on the skin, letting the gritty bits roll on the surface of my face without pressing them at all. great for those days when I need to get rid of dry flakey patches.
Eau Roma Water — a delightfully smelling toning mist that I use everyday for freshening up my skin before applying skincare, and after the gym. the mist is not too great, so I repurpose other spray bottles.

Big — extremely clarifying shampoo with sea salt that exfoliates the scalp and smells like the sea. despite not using sulfate shampoos on a regular basis, I keep this one to deep cleanse my hair if, by any chance, I’ve loaded up on products for a special event.
Avocado Co-Wash — this is not for the oily haired crew, since it can get pretty heavy. it’s an extremely nourishing, borderline non-sulfate cleansing cream for your hair, that comes in a bar. I like to use it in the gym, on those days where I don’t want to shampoo my hair nor I want to cram it with dry shampoo, but it still needs a clean. it detangles beautifully without any conditioner needed.
Trichomania — shampoo bar, smells of coconut. it’s also on the more nourishing side, but it is far more cleansing than the Avocado one. I use it mainly for travelling.
American Cream — the best-smelling conditioner of life. it’s a lightweight conditioner with a delicious scent that lingers on your hair for days. it’s not the most detangling, though.

Yuzu and Cocoa — shower cream. lathers but doesn’t foam up, nourishing but not heavy, right up my alley when it comes to edible scents. also love their bath bubble bars with the same name.
King of Skin — body butter bar. for the winter days, when I want to moisturise without stepping out of the shower. just massage this onto wet cleansed skin, rinse off and I’m good to go. it leaves a nourishing feel on the skin and the scent lasts beautifully.
Scrubee — the same as the above (and similar scent), but it has exfoliating particles, so, two in one. I can’t seem to find it in the UK Lush website, so I’ll leave you with a classic alternative, which is Buffy
Sympathy for the Skinmy favourite body lotion from them. not too heavy on the skin, great for warmer weather, and the scent stays with you for a long time.
Elbow Grease — is just what the name suggests: a solid oil bar that melts into the skin and deeply conditions the driest bits. so great for elbows, knees, feet and overall dryness. I usually keep it on my night stand.

T for Toes — is actually designed as a foot deodorant and it smells more along those classic lines. eucalyptus-y, I’d put it.
I usually use one of their scented powders to dust on the clothes drawers, and on my shoes to keep them smelling great, and absorb the extra moisture of, say, an intense workout or 6 hours of lindy-hopping. your socks will be so grateful… the one I use was discontinued, so when I run out of it I’ll have to find another scent.

Vanillary is my signature scent in the summer. It comes in a classic perfume bottle and in a solid form.
it paired perfectly with the Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion. which seems to have been *discontinued* also. gosh darn it. they’re out to annoy me!



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