LFBB August 2017

Here’s another unboxing for you. This one had me wondering about what happened this month and, when I went to do the maths… I got even more suspicious… I talked about it on my Insta Stories, also.

Here’s the run dow of the products in the box this month. As usual, I try to use Look Fantastic’s prices as a reference, but not all products are currently stocked there.

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm SPF30 . Pink
Most of their BB Creams have the same price, as you can verify here. The shop where I took the price from was Beauty Bay, because it’s one that I’ve used before.
Full size — 23,30€
Sample ± 5g — 2,91€
I’ve purchased this product from their website (when it was available) in this same travel size, and, if I recall correctly, it was around 8€

Korres Body Milk (the one I link has another scent, but, again, they seem to price each range the same)
Full Size — 12€
Sample 40 ml — 2,40€

Mane’n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner
Full Size — 7,45€ each
Samples — total 2,52€

Lottie London Lip Balm
Full Size — 5,47€

Gatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser
Full Size — 24,45€
Sample 50 ml — 6,11€

Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil
Full Size — 18,00€
Sample (I couldn’t find anywhere the full size weight, but from the video I’ve seen, this is not the full size, so I’ve cut it down to half the price) — 9,22€

Overall Value
Assuming my usual calculations — 28,64€
Assuming the 8€ for the BB Cream and the full size for the Brow Pencil — 42,51€

As you can see, neither of the values is over the 40£ mark** (43,76€ at current rate) that they state every box will have. Yes, the box still comes up to be cheaper, but this is not what was said on the tin…
Granted that my calculations are made solely based on the weight of the products, and when you buy travel sizes the price per gram/ml always comes up, but this has never been an issue — even with my very basic method, many boxes have come at incredible values (around 80€, for example).

** oh, wait, the plot thickens: it says 40£ in the UK version of the website, but on the portuguese branch of the website it states 50£… Given that the Portuguese website seems to have been scraped through Google Translator with little supervision, I wouldn’t be surprised this was a translation misshap. STILL… Not satisfied!

I have contacted them through Facebook Messenger and Instagram to try to find out what happened.
I’ve looked around, but most of the posts about the LF Beauty Box are from “Look Fantastic Ambassadeurs”, meaning they have some sort of affiliation to the brand, so, you know, it’s all “OMG” and “amazing” and “exciting”…
As soon (and if) I have a response from Look Fantastic, I’ll let you know.

… This would be the perfect post for a click-bait title, wouldn’t it…?

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