catrice hd liquid coverage foundation — up close and poresonal

this week I bring you a review on a foundation that, according to Stephanie Nicole, is extremely close in formula (over 95%) to the new Fenty Beauty Foundation, and may have possibly even been made in the same factory — without a proprietary formula. because Portugal was AGAIN left out of the worldwide launch of the hype brand of the month and its foundation has had high reviews, I had to at least give its alleged cousin a try.

with a shameful 4 colours in its range, this foundation regains some points by being within the more affordable range of foundations, even compared to Maybelline and L’Oréal in my country, which makes it a lesser loss if you decide to try it but it doesn’t work for you. cheaper than this one around here, I’d say only Essence, The Ordinary and NYX when on sale.

its claims are being long lasting, non-oily and mattifying, “HD”/second-skin effect (full coverage without a mask effect).

you can find Catrice in drugstores and pharmacies in Europe, and online at Ulta in the U.S.

tip: from what I’ve seen from the bazillion reviews available, despite being a favourite mostly among oily skins, people with normal/dry skin really liked the Fenty Beauty foundation IF applied over a good moisturising primer. going from there and assuming the formula’s similarities, I’d say, if interested but concerned because of the Matte label, try that same trick with the Catrice one.
the primer (Emma Hardie Protect&Prime SPF 30) I applied on one side of my face is moisturising, yet I haven’t noticed any visible difference. the same with the powdered side (I used Kat Von D Lock-It Loose Setting Powder, a Sephora Exclusive). I’d say the foundation takes over and does its thing regardless, but dryness is a bit more controllable with skin prep and primer than oiliness, in many cases, so it may be worth a shot.

2 thoughts on “catrice hd liquid coverage foundation — up close and poresonal”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long, but when Stephanie mentioned it I became even more eager :D But yeah looking at the shades, there isn’t one for me :/ Maybe if I buy 2 I can make it work


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