Dermacol — Up Close and Poresonal

Oh so hyped I can’t even.
Or can I…? Find out on my video ;)

some facts about this product:

on the Portuguese Dermacol website, this foundation costs 16€, but is usually on sale for 11,50€. I payed 3,95€ for shipping, and it arrived within a week or so.

if you’re interested in this foundation, try to look for a local retailer or just google Dermacol + Your Country to see if they have any local website. you can also find it on Amazon, and on eBay, but please make sure you buy it from a reputable seller, since there are plenty of fakes going around — also, both tend to make the prices fluctuate.

it has 30g of product, in an old-school metal tube.
it’s available in 13 shades. on the official website you can order sample sizes.
a little goes a ridiculous long way.
it does not have high-end or high-tech ingredients: most of it is petroleum-based products (mineral oil sensitive skins beware).
it has no silicones nor parabens either.
it has a high concentration of Titanium Dioxide — the main ingredient for physical sunscreens — and am SPF of 30.
it contains fragrance (I find it very faint, but it’s there)
one tube is made to last up to 4 years (!)

its claims are high (extreme! total!) coverage that can deal with acne, hyper pigmentation, tattoos, and so on; being waterproof; great for all skin types, and long-wearing.
they also state that they are Cruelty-Free, but I can’t find them on Logical Harmony‘s listings (the brand is pending to be listed), which is one of the most trustworthy cruelty.-free sites one can research on, so…

the rest is for me to know and for you to watch. don’t forget to let us know how was your experience with this foundation, if you have it!

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