Trinny London — a review

I got really excited when this brand came out, because of Trinny Woodall and because of the whole new concept behind it.

Trinny Woodall is a well-known face on the fashion and beauty world, as a beauty and style advisor with a strong, bubbly and shameless energy. Her new range of beauty products, unlike so many new launches that one can’t differ from the next, really brings a new concept to the table: a mix versatility, simplicity and LEGOS! This range of really portable products, fuss-free and with the most lightweight and natural finish, will probably appeal to many.

This video is as thorough as I could make it, but keep in mind I don’t have the whole range AND my skin is on its peak shedding point because of my winter retinol treatments. It can’t handle air, let alone make up…

You can find this brand at, and get in touch with them on Instagram. Direct link to Match2Me.

You can find Trinny herself on Facebook and on Instagram.

The podcast I mentioned is The Emma Guns Show. I strongly suggest you to give it a listen, since Emma is an amazing interviewer and the subjects are quite interesting — on the beauty and self care side of things.

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