voluntary isolation and playing with affordable makeup

these are some weird times we’re going through.
I was able to, a couple of days after the first cases of Covid-19 have reached my country, decide to stay in voluntary isolation, following the official guidelines.
so… now I have quite a bit of free time… and I decided to pick up my brushes shop your stash style — because what other style is there?—, do a “Get Ready With Me To Go Nowhere” (GRWMTGN — do you think that’ll catch on?) and chat about this strange place in time we are all in, things to do to pass the time, to help out the community, worries and sadnesses, and of course, filling the gaps with a lot of self-deprecating jokes.

If you’re in a similar situation, let’s bond over this weird reality-suspending limbo… and cross over some meaningful ways to pass the time. Anything goes except hoarding food, masks or toilet paper!
If you’re not, tag along by pretending you’re watching one of those dystopian series…

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