a Velvet Morning Look — my Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Challenge

this one (and several more to come) goes out to Ana G. who, when I asked for video ideias, suggested I’d do a look for each Lisa Eldridge Lipstick I own. Loved the idea, felt like it needed some time and preparation…
Turns out I have a bit more spare time now, since I’m basically unemployed (gulp) for the foreseeable future, so I welcome some more frivolous ways to pass the time and take my mind off of things (other than just washing dishes, making meals, or scrolling furiously through Facebook — as if that has ever brought solace to anyone anywhere… for every “hope in humanity restored” video, 3 bad news pop up, eh!)
So, if you’re in for a bit of distraction and playing with colour, please do tag along.

And keep in mind: despite these being some amazing lipsticks — from colour and undertone to formula — you don’t need to own these (or any other products mentioned) to get a similar result. Brands like Kiko, Colour Pop and NYX, among many others, have comfortable, bold and fresh-coloured matte lipsticks, and you can certainly browse through what you already own and wake up your inner mixologist.

Don’t forget to apply lip balm for a while before applying a matte lipstick. Do note that these, specifically, are classic bullet lipsticks and, although matte and long-wearing (for a classic formula), are not smear-proof and will fade throughout the day.
My favourite ways to use bold colours have always been having hardly anything on the rest of the face (coverage if/where needed, mascara and lipstick), or go for a monochromatic look, either using the lipstick also as blush and eye colour (if your skin allows), or similar toned cheek and eye products.
If you want to make the best of a lip colour, try applying the lipstick before anything else, to re-prioritise things in your brain.

First up: Lisa Eldridge Velvet Morning True Velvet Lipstick Colour — a fiery orange-red. Or reddish orange…

on the eyes:

on the face

In these weird times we’re going through, it’s never too much to remind you to take good care of yourself and others by staying home as much as possible, wash your hands, don’t hoard, help the most vulnerable, support your local businesses and take some time for yourself.
If playing with makeup gives you a sense of peace, then playing with makeup it is.
This too shall pass.

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