makeup for video chats

trying to make some relevant content for you guys, considering the current situation.
many of you are now working from home, and both the disruption of the routine and the simple exposure to one of the most unflattering video cameras can take a toll.

so, all judgement aside, if you find some solace in maintaining routines like doing your makeup and want to adjust it for those pesky low-res meetings with your work mates, this one’s for you. some simple tips to optimise your makeup for video chats AND keeping it short. it doesn’t look like it because I talk a lot. but you know me by now ;)

If amping up the video chat itself is something that can put your mind a bit more at ease, here’s a couple more tips:

  • Lighting can do some goody goodness for you. Use natural lighting as much as possible, and a 5000k light bulb to compensate for some shadier areas. It’s the same colour temperature as the sunlight and it can help a lot in not looking half yellow half purple.
  • You can use a sheer piece of white fabric or transfer paper to use as a filter and diffuse the light from that bulb (I didn’t and that’s why I have some harsh shadows on my face).
  • Play around with positioning the light and even having it bounce from white walls, and see what looks better.
  • Work out the angles that work for you and prop your laptop on top of a few books, if needed.

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