face and head massage — stress relief

maybe you’re like me and on these times little aches and pains due to bad posture and stress have been building up, alongside with some tension on your body that makes you feel stiff and can even progress to headaches.

I’ve had this kind of stuff most of my adult life and something that has always really helped were massages. yes, yoga’s great but today I’m talking about massages. it’s particularly nice to realise how effective can be a simple facial massage one gives to oneself.

Suqqu has a great one called Gankin Massage (mentioned by Lisa Eldridge many lives ago. Lisa also has her own facial massage video).
I’ve been adapting mine over time, changing it depending on mood or benefit, adding other stuff that helps me that I pick up from Traditional Chinese Medicine books, massages I occasionally get — even in theatre-related formation —, and in physical therapy.

this sequence I’m sharing with you usually helps to lift many of those tensions on my face, neck and head, which can help soothe headaches. added benefit: it is said that some of these motions help to de-puff and decongest your face, and even add a lifting effect, sooooo…

do it during your second cleanse with a great balm cleanser, grab a non-active moisturiser that has a good amount of slip or a nice facial oil and take 15 minutes for yourself. why not, eh?

should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: this does not intend to be medical advice. it’s just a bit of pampering and self-care. I hope you enjoy!

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