some skincare and makeup empties

let’s talk about trash, baby
let’s talk about my empties
let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things used by me ;)

used these all up, hardly any regrets.
some I won’t repurchase just because I’m currently going through other products, or because I’ve found some alternatives I prefer. bar from one, these are all winners.


  • Banila Co. Clean It Zero Special Trial Set (I’ve repurchased the full size Nourishing, but you can hardly tell a difference between the cleansers, and the Original one usually is a bit cheaper — it’s one of the most affordable cleansers out there);
  • Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt — luxurious texture (found it close to Jordan Samuel After Show Cleanser), will repurchase once I go through my current cleansers. UK website, EU option.
  • Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster – gold standard L-Ascorbic Acid Serum at a comfortable and effective 15% concentration, water-based, elegant formula with other anti-oxidant and soothing ingredients. super fluid, sinks quickly into the skin, works perfectly with other products. on the downside, it’s quite expensive for 20 ml, and it does oxidise quickly (can be stored in the fridge to prevent this). I’ve found a more affordable, very similar alternative in Geek&Gorgeous C-Glow, and that’s the only reason why I’m not repurchasing for the time being;
  • Geek and Gorgeous B-Bomb – a niacinamide and zinc serum I use before my Retinal in the evenings, to tackle my hyperpigmentation. great formula, works well with other products. quite affordable, and my skin is very pleased;
  • Milk Makeup Vegan Moisturiser – soothing, nourishing, comforting. used sparingly it feels super lightweight, cloudy and whipped-like, with no shine (good for oily skin), but built up and massaged in it sort of develops into a thicker cushion-y texture with a unctuous dewy finish. very impressive. will probably repurchase later;
  • Riemann P20 Suncare for Kids SPF 50+ – I consider this, so far, the best and most trustworthy protection for my hyperpigmentation. my skin does not change colour at all when using this, even in the brightest sun (which is NOT something I look for, btw). when going about my freelance life outside, driving or walking from studio to studio, this is the one I know I’ve applied in the morning and is not going anywhere for the whole day. I work with or around the dewy texture, depending on the weather, my skin, and make up moods. have already repurchased.


make up

  • Colour Pop Crème Eyeliner – I have no ideia of the name of this one, but it’s a burgundy-wine sort of colour of which they usually have some iteration. one of my favourite one-stop-shop products to give me a pop of colour with hardly any effort. at the time of this post, the closest colour on their website was Charmer (at the moment only available in pot form… these guys play with my heart);
  • Catrice Slim’matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil Waterproof – my favourite for detail work. can’t be without it, and am trying to get through my other brow products to get back to using it. already have one on stand-by, of course. extremely affordable;
  • NYX Lingerie Lid Tint in 11 (Nude to Me) – a reflective liquid eyeshadow that gave me the “nude lid with gloss” vibe in a more long-wearing formula, but it seems nobody agreed because they’ve discontinued the product.

one I’m not going to use up because IT BAD

Colour Pop Lux Gloss (this one is Tied Up) – I was excited to try this: I love the new Lux Lip Oils, and have always enjoyed the Ultra Glossy Lips. I don’t understand this formula, I don’t understand how they approved this, nor why they insist on pushing it as The New (and more expensive) Big Lip Thing. I don’t understand the Lux part (it feels like a whipped lip product, and bunches up if built up) nor the Gloss part (it hardly has any shine). plus, the colour is miles away from what’s pictured on the site (which is becoming a current trend for the brand). it’s a no for me. bring back the Ultra Glossy Lips, please…

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