Danessa Myricks – does it crease, though?

Independent, female-owned, black-owned brand. YES!
(also vegan and cruelty-free)

Danessa Myricks is a make up artist – have you SEEN her Instagram? — and her brand is proudly her, with full-on approachable editorial vibes and products that actually cater to her signature looks and creative needs (loads of cream products, face and eye glosses, multi-taskers and all the colours of the rainbow). 

The brand screams inclusivity, innovation and creativity and sports a smile as a sign of strength – also because it hasn’t (until now) been tainted and shrivelled to an empty shell by the Super Greedy Evil Mega Corps™ of this world.

Sporting unapologetic pizazz and fierceness, all glossy lids and dishevelled hair, high heels and neon eyeliner, patent leather pants and juicy cheek bones… In my mind, I’m thinking…

– But does it crease, though?

Hey, I don’t want this brand to start changing to adjust to me as a consumer: the market is already filled with watered-down “makeup artist turned consumer-friendly” vanilla products. Please stop hollowing out the spirit of true creative beings for profit, thanks!
I just want to know if unskilled lil’ old me I can sprinkle a bit of their magic to my routine. 

I got a few products from them so that I could dip my toes in the brand.

Products Featured:

Turns out, they all live up to the expectations and go beyond that: the complexion products deliver flawless, smoothing, ACTUAL skin-like, dewy finishes, without emphasising any texture, wrinkles, dryness or pores; and the Color Fix paints are so much fun to mix and concoct, impactful on their own, completely multi-tasking, perfectly blendable, and super-duper long-wearing.
The whole set of products I chose has been carefully thought out to work seamlessly together, quick and easy application with no tricks needed (I didn’t even use my blending sponge!), handling layering like a dream – as I believe a pro make up artist needs them to perform.

The only downside – if you can call it that – would be that these products require more diligent brush washing and are stubborn to remove. But I’d say the many pros grossly outweigh this con…

I’m beyond impressed and excited, I’m floored and in awe of this brand and I don’t know why isn’t everyone screaming from the rooftops about it. Probably because the ones whose voices get heard the most have forgotten how to actually buy products that aren’t sent to them with loud packaging…? (mean, I know. but pretty accurate) Now that Sephora has started selling the brand, maybe they’ll get a much deserved boost.

I can only keep my fingers crossed for them to stay empowered to grow at their own pace, in their own terms, for many many years.
Danessa Myrick Beauty, in my eyes, has everything to become iconic.

The E.U. website is a bit glitchy at times, but nothing that actually deters from buying all the things. Know that the pictures are not quite true to colour and the E.U. website has smaller pictures. If you want to try their virtual foundation colour matching thingamajig, it’s available on the U.S. website and I believe it only works on your phone.
Their Customer Service is absolutely fantastic.

It is now also available on Cult Beauty and US and Canada Sephora.

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