skincare routine — am

my morning skincare routine focuses a bit more on keeping my skin balanced, prevent breakouts and hyperpigmentation as well as, as always, also preventing further oxidative stress.

most of the serums mentioned can be used alone (after cleanser, before SPF) for a more minimalistic but still really effective routine, but I do like layering them to try to boost all the benefits possible.


I like to start with a blank canvas, and my skin does produce some oils during the night, so I prefer a quick gentle cleanse in the morning.

vitamin C (LAA)

the gold standard for brightening, even skin tone, prevent oxidation, boost collagen production. this formula has the same star ingredients as many famous (and expensive) ones, and it’s a watery liquid.

hydration + tranexamic acid

Hada Labo’s classic hydrating lotion with a twist: Tranexamic Acid, which prevents the formation of hyperpigmentation and helps to fade the one the you may already have. this extremely comfortable and lightweight lotion also contains a Vitamin C derivative and Vitamin E. my skin is immediately plumped and proud.

anti-oxidants + azelaic acid

this mix was recommended by the brand itself and I’ve been loving the lightweight oily cream it creates:

  • Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate serum is one of the most complete cocktails of anti-oxidants and nourishing and soothing ingredients for the skin out there
  • Azelaic Acid Booster provides some anti-acne properties, is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin brightening. this formula also contains a touch of salicylic acid for extra pore exfoliation, and liquorice and adenosine, for soothing the skin


I don’t always use it, since the rest of my products are hydrating and emollient enough and my SPF can double as moisturiser.


it’s not worth it applying anything else, if you’re not using sunscreen

once a week – exfoliation

this is an old combination that has worked for me for years and leaves my skin immediately soft and supple

  • Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel used instead of other cleansers, as a mask, letting the enzymes gently exfoliate the skin;
  • Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – this salicylic acid-based powder, when mixed with a bit of water, becomes a gritty paste that physically exfoliates the skin without being too harsh, delivering on the immediate satisfaction of baby-soft skin.

a companion for all hours

this one does not have a specific place in my routine, but it’s always there, to boost hydration. and old favourite that I discovered *before* Caroline Hirons mentioned it ;))

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