Vueset — the customisable palettes wonders

having a blast with my cream products and the ability to create my own make up palettes.

these are acrylic palettes that come in different sizes, with different shaped wells to which you can decant your products (they show you can take anything from beads to pigments, but I stuck to cream makeup): stick foundations, cream bronzers, pot concealers, lipsticks, you name it. you can create palettes by type of product, your own full face routines, you name it. they seal shut, there’s no transfer between wells, and they are stackable and microwavable. the tiny minis can be gathered in a key ring.

despite not being a pro make up artist, I’ve been truly enjoying these palettes, both by having the most travel-friendly full-faces of makeup that are smaller than a credit card, and by having my whole lipstick collection at a glance.

the Vueset palettes I own are Seneca, Lui (but I’d get Bella, if I could go back) and Tahiti, and I got them locally at Kitchen Makeup Boutique, but I did a quick search for Europe resellers and found them at Guru Makeup Emporium (UK) and Beautylish (worldwide). I’m sure they’ll be available in small make up boutiques.

If you’re in the US, you can check out the Artist Kit Company palettes, which are also tiny but have magnetic wells of different sizes (they have strict rules to access the website, so give them a good read if you’re interested). This article from Harry Makes it Up goes in depth about their palettes with the brand owner, and in this video you can see the palettes being used.

you’ll need

  • Spatula
  • Inglot Duraline (to soften creams and make them more pliable for transfer, and revive some drier produtcs)
  • cotton buts/q tips
  • alcohol
  • patience

products mentioned (in my Seneca palette):

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