sustainable period collecting products

after a poll on instagram, here are my experiences and opinions on several sustainable period products.

I know these products, some more than others, tend to be more expensive and an investment off the bat – although they pay for themselves in the long run, not everyone can spend that amount of money in one go –, so you may want to look into several experiences online to make a more informed choice.

just know that nothing will replace your personal experience with a product to real gauge how it fits your needs and your anatomy.

always look up the instructions given by the brands, since a good maintenance can make them last for up to 10 years.

products mentioned:

  • menstrual cups – mine I think is an Organicup
  • menstrual disc – mine is Ziggy Cup by Intimina
  • cloth pads
  • period underwear – I got mine from Thinx US, you can find bits of the collection in Europe through Asos.

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