reapplying sunscreen

tale as old as time: you’ve done your skincare routine, you’ve applied makeup, and now you’re stepping out into life. how do you reapply your sunscreen with minimum disruption of your work of art?

1. I’m talking about short bursts of moderate sun exposure, like your daily commute, going to have a meal outside, running errands… NOT sitting out frying in the sun – there’s no safe way to do that without reapplying sunscreen like a mad person super regularly and staying in the shade during the harshest hours.
2. any kind of product applied on top of your makeup will likely slightly disrupt it, and the (hopefully) frequent reapplication can make it more pliable as the day goes by. it just comes with the territory and it’s nothing that having a few cotton buds, a powder/concealer and your lipstick at hand won’t solve.

from the most reliable to the least reliable (in my opinion):

NOTE: always blot before reapplication, especially if you’re oily, to get the cleanest canvas possible. I’m currently using 3INA blotting papers.

  • carry smaller/pocket sizes of your trusted cream/lotion/fluid SPF, since it’s the only type of formula we can more easily measure to try and use the correct amount. you get less bang for your buck but more ease of use. some brands that carry smaller sizes: Uriage Barièsun Ultra-Light Fluid, La Roche Posay Anthelios Pocket (could only find the kids version online), Vichy Ideal Soleil Ultra Light Fluid Pocket, Bioderma Aquafluide Pocket, Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Anti-Wrinkle defense in Travel Size.
  • apply the two/three fingers of product with a sponge, without rubbing in (I’m using a Juno and Co. Velvet Microfibre sponge, but any will do). keep it in its own case or a ziplock bag for sanitary purposes.
  • fill an empty cushion compact * with your SPF, to carry it around – it’s less easy to assess if you’re applying the correct amount than the previous method, but the cushion applicator makes it seamless and absorbs less product than a more porous sponge.
  • sunscreen mists – apply generously and make sure you feel it hitting each area of your face. if needed, just wipe/blot your brows/lashes right after applying the product. if it’s not a creamy formula (which most aren’t), I don’t rub it in, I just try to have an even film all over and not touch it until it sets. if I have some peach fuzz or I went overboard in an area and have a white puddle of product, though, I lightly press it in place. I used La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Mist, Vichy Ideal Soleil mist, Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Expert/Advanced/Super UV mist (it seems each country has a different name), Agrado Bruma Facial Solar (Portugal, Spain, France and Andorra only, I believe)
  • sunscreen sticks – mine is the SVR Sun Secure Easy Stick. great for multitasking, they ensure higher/thicker coverage on some more sensitive areas, like lips, under the eyes, tattoos, or even areas where you have more hyperpigmentation. because they’re a thick and quite sticky texture, though, you’ll probably won’t like to apply all over…
  • powder sunscreens – these feel tempting for oilier skins, but I don’t feel there’s a reliable way to know where it’s applied, let alone how much or how evenly you’ve applied. I use ISDIN Fotoprotector Solar Sun Brush as a final step of my sunscreen reapplication more like a blotting powder on my oilier areas, on top of other methods.

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