sunscreens that did not like me

I come to you in a moaning tone, b*tching about the sunscreens I purchased and tested that turned out to be huge flops.

that being said, although I’m shamelessly complaining and explaining in detail all the reasons why these products let me down, that doesn’t mean they are in any way bad products in themselves… they were just bad for me. it comes down to skin type and the chemistry that occurs between our skin, the product, and even other products underneath. although I did try to minimise my routines to accommodate these little suckers, they still refused to cooperate, and my skincare routine is something I’m not willing to give up that easily either, so that would still make them less prone to be a part of my life anyway.

about tinted sunscreens

sunscreens are all tested with the same quantities to get their SPF (Sun Protection Factor), so we’d need to use them in those same amounts to get the protection stated on the label.
the official 2mg per square centimetre were converted in more easy to understand measurements like 2 fingers length, 1/4 teaspoon or 1 gram just for the face. although these don’t have into account the density of the product or one’s specific face size (please feel free to do the maths yourself if you’re willing to do that!), it is a slightly rounded up amount that encompasses the fact that most people usually don’t apply enough and don’t reapply.

so… applying the as-correct-as-we-can-make-it-without-a-lot-of-fuss amount of a tinted sunscreen) product (be it tinted sunscreen, foundation with SPF, tinted moisturiser or BB cream) will almost definitely be too heavy of a coverage for most people, who will then sheer it out to look good – hence not being safe options for most people, as practical as they may seem.

also, there’s still a shameful disregard for the need of including varying skin tones and undertones. the available “shades” (when there’s more than one) are usually way off one’s actual skin tone.

products mentioned

if these are your favourites, who am I to rain on your parade! keep using them, because the best sunscreen is the one you like to use every day!

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