new skincare routine

I’ve been pretty faithful to the same brands and products for almost 2 years now, but my inquisitive soul has been yearning for some spicing things up. as my current faves run out, I’ve been replacing them with some new-to-me products, and, since I’ve now basically replaced every one, I wanted to share the new routine with you.

please bear in mind that some of these are fairly recent, so I can only speak to the cosmetic elegance, feel and finish of the product, as well as its ingredient list and claims. I can’t report on any results as of yet.

just a reminder: I have combination skin that gets oilier in the hot months, seldom prone to dehydration. I’m over 40 and it, naturally, shows. I have (very tame, at the moment) hormonal acne on my jaw area, hyperpigmentation and melasma on my cheeks. my skin has been overall pretty resilient for a long time – I can use exfoliating acids and retinoids daily without any problem.
know your skin before you jump into buying ANYTHING suggested by anyone.

products mentioned:

AM routine

PM routine


Hydration/Barrier repair

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