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I’m an actress in Lisbon, Portugal
I’m over 40
I’m not at all wealthy – again, actress in Portugal – so I won’t be able to purchase all the products very often, or make reviews on every newest hippest thing.
I have quite sensitive combination going-on-maturing skin. I’ve had severe acne for more than two decades – which has, fortunately, subsided to a far milder but still annoying state. I’m still frequently visited by my Nemesis, The Blemish. She’s a psycho.
Of course, I have lots of hyperpigmentation, because she just wants to be remembered… forever.

informed consumer’s point of view

I’ve always had skin problems, I’ve always had a passion for makeup and beauty. I try to do a lot of research, and have been through plenty of trial and error processes, but at the end of the day, I’m just sharing my personal experiences and there’s no way to guarantee the same product will have similar results (good or bad) on anyone else.
Also, I’m a learner. I try to do my best at relying information, look for the best sources, but I’m not an expert.
I’m not afraid to admit what I don’t know, that I make mistakes and I try to grow from them, and I’m as human as anyone else and may fall prey to some claims that turn out to be less than accurate.

honestly, honesty

I’ll always be as honest as it gets. Even if – by any chance – I get sent things, you’ll always get my utmost humble yet brutally honest opinion. Which is why I don’t think I’ll ever get things sent to me.
The trust you have in me is far more important. I don’t need to sell myself, I have a job, thanks.

I believe content creating is actually very hard work, and there’s nothing wrong in making a living out of it if one so chooses. It’s not my main goal, but I’d like to get to a point where I’m not always budgeting my life to make new videos….
The audience can help support the content creators.
I believe in affiliate programmes and I believe that sponsorships, as long as done in a transparent way, are perfectly fine.

I like science-backed, inclusive products and good sustainability practices, but I won’t be infallible – even because the premise of all of this relies on consumerism and capitalism, so it’s doomed from the start, right?

No green clean organic non-toxic toxic nonsense here. I take information and the way brands treat consumers very seriously. I’ll be pretty aggravated if brands take us for idiots and make claims based on fear-mongering ill-founded marketing-pretending-to-be-science strategy.
Because there’s a responsibility to be the best you can be and inform, not mislead for profit.

Same with filters and edited images: if it’s for art and expression purposes, go crazy. if you’re trying to sell me results you’ve faked, I’ll gladly publicly rip you a new one…


Everyone is different. What suits me may not suit you and vice-versa. Take this as a casual conversation with a friend on a cafe, exchanging impressions and recommendations, not as a bible and especially not as a personal attack on your tastes or routines.

You know… There’s health and there’s vanity. And there’s, I think, a healthy area in the middle. I’m there.

I like to feel good about myself, and having a healthy-looking skin is part of it. Many times, and for many years now, I’ve had to fake that, so I prefer to know how to get the best canvas possible (never perfect) and do the “faking” properly.

Makeup can truly be art. You can transform yourself. You’re still painting, but your canvas is your face. You can travel through time – it carries so much social history.
And – I don’t care what anybody says – it can boost your self-esteem, and that *is* important, as long as you take it all with a pinch of salt.

This blog is sheer entertainment. It’s not that complicated, really

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