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1. I’m an actress
2. I live in Lisbon, Portugal
3. I’m over 30
4. I’m not at all wealthy – refer to #1 – so I won’t be able to purchase products very often, or make reviews on every newest hippest thing.
5. I’ve always had skin problems, I’ve always had a passion for makeup and beauty. I’ve done a lot of research, and been through plenty of trial and error processes. I’m just sharing my personal experiences.
6. For now, I have very sensitive combination skin. I’ve had severe acne for more than a decade – which has, fortunately, subsided to a milder but still annoying state. Summing it up, I’ve had acne for more than half of my life. I’m still frequently visited by my Nemesis, The Blemish. She’s a psycho. Oh, and I have lots of hyper pigmentation, because she just wants to be remembered… forever.
7. No, I’m not planning to make videos/blog posts in Portuguese. I love my native language, I’m even a grammar nazi, but this is how it’s gonna roll. Because:
. I’m going to address some topics I think are really relevant and not talked enough. I’d really like to reach as many people as I can, all over the world;
. most Portuguese people proudly know how to speak English;
. there is basically just one word in Portuguese for Sheen, Shine, Glow, Glitter, Shimmer… I. Just. Can’t.
8. I’ll always be as honest as it gets. Even if – by any chance – I get sent things, you’ll always get my utmost humble yet brutally honest opinion. Which is why I don’t think I’ll ever get things sent to me.
9. I’m a feminist but I’m coquette. I like organic, cruelty free, environmentally friendly products, but I can’t be intransigent. I eat whole wheat pasta, but I love chocolate. I swoon over Chanel, but sometimes Maybelline will have to do. See a pattern here? Yeah, I’m human. And I don’t take myself too serious.
10. Everyone is different. What suits me may not suit you and vice-versa. Take this as a casual conversation on a cafe, not as a bible and especially not as a personal attack on your tastes or routines.

You know… There’s health and there’s vanity. And there’s, I think, a healthy area in the middle. I’m there.

I like to feel good about myself, and having a healthy-looking skin is part of it. Many times, and for many years now, I’ve had to fake that, so I prefer to know how to do it properly.

I’m not a slave to image, but I like beautiful things. As I find beauty in good, honest, candid, intelligent, playful, lively people; a Monet; Grace Coddington; greatly written and interpreted characters in movies, series or theatre; music and dance; old architecture; reading; “DIYing”; good food; and travelling – to name a few.

Also, as you can imagine, I like art. Makeup can truly be art. You can transform yourself. You’re still painting, but your canvas is your face. You can travel through time – it carries so much social history.
And – I don’t care what anybody says – it can boost your self-esteem, and that *is* important, as long as you take it all with a pinch of salt.

This blog is sheer entertainment. It’s not that complicated, really


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