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the names in these things don’t even leave room for the rest of the title…

this is an Up Close and Poresonal, my friends! where I do a thorough wear test, show you how the complexion product performs on my face with regular check-ins and no filters (should go without saying, but ’tis what ’tis), and at the end of the day compare the product’s performance against its claims.
I’m the only test subject, so it’s as subjective as it comes, but if you have tastes and concerns similar to mine, maybe you can infer some useful conclusions.

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singles declutter pt 2 . neutrals Make Up Reset

had to post this one right after the previous video so that the flow wouldn’t be lost.

I got rid of SO MANY eyeshadows in this category, it’s crazy!

Most of my eyeshadow singles are from Make Up Geek (no longer exists), Colour Pop, NYX (doesn’t have singles anymore), Make Up Forever, and Sephora Collection.

single eyeshadow declutter part 1 . make up reset

I love single eyeshadows – they allow you to create your own colour stories and palettes, are great for travelling, and you can pick individual shades to customise your collection without the bulk and redundancy of buying pre-made palettes.

nowadays many brands provide magnetised palettes, from which you can pop out the eyeshadows and use them as singles, so I decided to compare my singles to those “pop-able” shades… it took me more time and effort, but I ended up with a far more accurately curated selection of my truly favourite and unique shades.

on this video, I’m focusing on the bright colours.

most of my magnetic palettes are from Z-Palette but highly recommend the My Kit Co ones, and the bigger one is Adept Cosmetics through Amazon.
my singles are mainly from Colour Pop (which constantly discontinues shades), Sephora Collection, Make Up Forever, Make Up Geek, NYX (no longer exist/sell singles) with a sprinkle of Nabla, Sugarpill Cosmetics (now only has singles in the US website, so customs apply) and some other random brands.

the special shades that I featured at the beginning of the video are from With Love Cosmetics (UK), JD Glow (USA), The Glam Shop (Poland) and Glaminatrix Cosmetics (AUS).

my pop-able palettes are from Natasha Denona, Colour Pop, Lethal Cosmetics and Viseart.

mini haul – new make up

yes, my make up reset is a main priority in my life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get some new things to play with once in a while, mainly things that have been on my Wishlist for quite some time and I couldn’t get out of my head ;)

I mentioned the store Kitchen Make Up Boutique, if you’re in Portugal.

July empties

here’s another batch of empties and their thorough reviews.

some duds, some faves, some surprises.

Also mentioned: Sigma Renew Lip Oil . Tranquil

blush declutter | Make Up Reset

another stage of my Make Up Reset is done: I’ve gone through all my blushes and decluttered over half of them. I usually say I’m not a blush person, but dang, have I accumulated so many throughout recent years…

don’t forget, if you know of the perfect dupe for the colours Dusk (Glossier Cloud Paint) and Thrrrob (Benefit Boxed Blushes), let me know!

*note: I keep some products that are obviously over their “use by” timeline, but these are for personal use only and I keep track of what not to borrow to friends.
I also get rid of anything that has changed texture, colour or scent, of course, since those are great giveaways that the preservative system has definitely subsided.
in recent years, with the advent of misinformation and fear-mongering marketing taking precedent over formulation, preservative systems aren’t nearly as safe, long-lasting or reliable as they used to be, so keep that in mind when buying new things too quickly…
all the products that don’t get to be relocated to new homes will be emptied out, their components will be separated and recycled as much as possible.

eyeshadow palette declutter

quite self-explanatory, this is another (quite exciting) part of my Make Up Reset Project.

I thought I’d ease my way into it by decluttering my eyeshadow palettes first, since I knew I could actually be quite assertive with them… many of the next categories will be a lot harder for me to go through, I think.

I created 4 piles: staying, going, nostalgia (for those I’m not using anymore but from which I can’t separate for emotional reasons), and the chopping block (for those that I’m not sure I want to get rid of, so I’ll give them a good go before deciding – so, more videos eheh).

I’m happy to report that almost half of my palettes are leaving my collection!

July empties

Here’s to another hefty batch of finished products, and a bit of a rant in the end ;))

products mentioned:

*affiliate link to More Than Beauty Store. Save 10% on any purchase (and help me out) using my code FREEVOLOUS10

new skincare routine

I’ve been pretty faithful to the same brands and products for almost 2 years now, but my inquisitive soul has been yearning for some spicing things up. as my current faves run out, I’ve been replacing them with some new-to-me products, and, since I’ve now basically replaced every one, I wanted to share the new routine with you.

please bear in mind that some of these are fairly recent, so I can only speak to the cosmetic elegance, feel and finish of the product, as well as its ingredient list and claims. I can’t report on any results as of yet.

give me the deets!