sunscreens that did not like me

I come to you in a moaning tone, b*tching about the sunscreens I purchased and tested that turned out to be huge flops.

that being said, although I’m shamelessly complaining and explaining in detail all the reasons why these products let me down, that doesn’t mean they are in any way bad products in themselves… they were just bad for me. it comes down to skin type and the chemistry that occurs between our skin, the product, and even other products underneath. although I did try to minimise my routines to accommodate these little suckers, they still refused to cooperate, and my skincare routine is something I’m not willing to give up that easily either, so that would still make them less prone to be a part of my life anyway.

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reviewing pharmacy body sunscreens

I’ve been testing a few (mostly French) pharmacy body sunscreens, and decided to share my impressions on them.

I’m particular to an spf 50+ that sets transparent on the skin and feels comfortable and lightweight even when applying the correct amount.

all of these are light fluids, dry oils or aerosols, formulated for intense sun exposure, yet I’ve tested them on a more daily urban routine setting, albeit always reapplying.
my favourite for the highest and most reliable protection under intense sun exposure, both for face and body, is P20 Suncare for kids, which is a cream.

just because some haven’t worked for me it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience.

these were the greats:

these were the mehs:

reapplying sunscreen

tale as old as time: you’ve done your skincare routine, you’ve applied makeup, and now you’re stepping out into life. how do you reapply your sunscreen with minimum disruption of your work of art?

1. I’m talking about short bursts of moderate sun exposure, like your daily commute, going to have a meal outside, running errands… NOT sitting out frying in the sun – there’s no safe way to do that without reapplying sunscreen like a mad person super regularly and staying in the shade during the harshest hours.
2. any kind of product applied on top of your makeup will likely slightly disrupt it, and the (hopefully) frequent reapplication can make it more pliable as the day goes by. it just comes with the territory and it’s nothing that having a few cotton buds, a powder/concealer and your lipstick at hand won’t solve.

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new sunscreens on the block

there are so many great products on the market, I had to make a video on the ones I’ve been recently trying out and loving!
most of them will be easily accessible in your local pharmacies, so bonus points for that!

favourites from More Than Beauty Store

long story short, I became affiliate with a Portuguese store, More Than Beauty Store, that sells international brands and my Portuguese viewers asked for a list of my favourites from there.

since these are products that are widely available, I thought I’d do my weekly video on them.

UPDATE: More Than Beauty offers international shipping to the EU, so if you’d like to support me, please feel free to explore the website and use my affiliate code FREEVOLOUS10 for 10% off.

you’ve heard about all of these, so there’s nothing too new here, but all of the products have a special place in my heart and stash ;)

just to reiterate: the links on this post are affiliated!

product list