the beginning

In the long shot of you stumbling upon this blog, let me explain myself:

This is starting as a birthday present for my little sister.

She’s currently studying abroad, in Manchester – we’re from Lisbon, Portugal. And she’s always come to me with beauty and makeup related issues. She recently told me she wished she knew how to properly use an eyeliner, – I’ve told her to be patient, and practise, and check out some of the amazing YouTube tutorials already available… She did none of the above – And I thought this would be the perfect way to give my little sister some long distance tips, tricks, tutorials, and to chat about all things beauty. And I think the topics I’ll be addressing may be of interest for many anonymous people out there, so why not go public?

Basically, this was also the perfect excuse for doing something I’ve been wanting to for a long time… To have my own voice and share what I’ve discovered in over two decades of really bad skin, loving makeup, researching, trying, testing, hitting and missing, low budgetting and high swooning, and ranting because Portuguese Sephora and drugstores don’t sell many of the amazing products I see hyped everywhere else.

There are hundreds of talented beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there, many of them I truly admire… I will not be the most original, and certainly not carry the newest news… But I wanted to pitch in.

I’ll keep on posting and filming as long as I have some creativity, free time and the urge to criticise.

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2 thoughts on “the beginning”

  1. Well, this is a lovely beginning! And your little sister is lucky to have such a caring and skilled big sister, and now quite a number (growing!) of us are benefitting from your gift to her. xo

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