monochromatic looks — the berries

juicy berries, from deep wine reds to shiny blue-violets, so much to play with in this week’s monochromatic look. I ended up extending the eyeshadow up to the inner corner of my brow and out, so it became a very fun vintage-inspired glam 20’s flapper vamp thingy.

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affordable, quick, fuss-free smokey eye

for those who got overwhelmed with the colour-picking, the blending, the expensive products and the overall faff of my previous smokey eye video, here’s a fool- proof tutorial with one eyeshadow and one brush.

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KIKO A/W Collection

it can’t be all about high-end… I mean, a girl has got to eat!

on the day I tried to go to the Sephora’s Marc Jacobs launch, it was so chaotic when I arrived, I decided to blow off some steam at Kiko while I waited for the thing to calm down a bit. I ended up leaving with some cool stuff from their Special Editions for Fall and Winter — no nail polish on sight! proud! — and I thought I’d show you what I got.

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the brand of (my) year

when you go through your stash and realize you have almost a full face of makeup from the same brand, and realise that the shopping of most of the products occurred in the past year or so, you know they’re doing something right.

Too faced is a girly-cute-vintage-inspired-with-a-touch-of-madness-design makeup brand from California, on the affordable yet high-end scale of things, that can be purchased virtually and physically basically everywhere (bonus points) and a selection of star-products that have been raved one by one all over the place. I decided to gather them all in one post and throw them a party.

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KIKO long lasting stick eyeshadows

KIKO long lasting [eyeshadow] sticks
KIKO long lasting stick eyeshadows
I haven’t had this blog for too long, but long enough for you to know that I’m a sucker for cream eyeshadows. I had to give these KIKO ones a go. they’re a steal for 6,90€, and I usually really like the KIKO eye makeup products.
I bought four [yes, all very similar] neutral brownie metallic shades. I raised my eyebrow to number 4, because, despite having the perfect chocolate tone, it had some visible glitter in it. I’m not a glitter person at all. but… have I mentioned it had the perfect chocolate brown colour?

I’ve given these a few test runs, and there are some good and not so good things about them.
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