no-makeup makeup for textured skin

textured skin is a bummer… people with smooth skin can walk out the door with nothing, a rub-a-dub of tinted moisturiser or more layers than a wedding cake and they always get away with it. then, there’s the rest of us mere mortals, with acne, dry patches, textured scarring, fine lines and full lived-in wrinkles. for those, like me, who deal with the temptation of piling on coverage in a vain attempt to cover up (and almost fill in) all those ridges and bumps, who end up looking cake-faced, patchy or just with nothing on after a few hours, I’m posting this tutorial on how we can also achieve the so coveted┬áno-makeup makeup look. it just takes more time and patience… it figured, right?

being such a perfecting base routine, it’s not actually a no-makeup makeup, but the best-makeup makeup for any occasion, and you can use it with a bold eye or lip, or both. it is just heart-warming that one can wear it as is and look quite fresh-faced.

that being said, if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time to spare, rock your perfect imperfections loud and proud. I love you all the same!

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