LFBB unboxing — January 18

I’m back at it after a non-intentional Beauty Box unboxing hiatus: some lack of timing between me and the carrier service last month, and this month Look Fantastic had some postage delays… yeah, I’m trying to sandwich all the information in one video, so buckle up because this is one comprehensive mofo!

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an empties video

I’ve never done one of these before… How did I go?

Aside from the spinach and lipstick on my teeth, I mean.

oh, you have to go and watch again because you couldn’t stop staring? ok, I’ll wait…
I’ll just leave you here a list of the products mentioned.

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Up Close and Poresonal — L’Oréal Total Cover

So, here are the claims: “(…) a flawless, full coverage base that lasts up to 24 hours. The zero compromise, camouflage formula covers everything from blemishes, redness and tattoos without the overload, while the matte finish leaves you with an even, shine-free base.  No compromise. No transfer. No overload”

This sounds perfect for my hyper pigmentation and my blemish and all-over un-evenness.
You can trust me to shove my face on your screen to show you how it all went down, warts and all…

You can find this foundation in your local drugstores, and online at Feelunique. The shade range varies depending on the country/shop you buy it from.

a fresh take on hyped products

these products have been some of the most recommended in 2016. and rightfully so.

yet one tends to get caught on this “need to buy” tidal wave, and sometimes a little perspective is needed. not only due to the high price tags, but also because there are sometimes small details (many times overlooked) about a product that can make it or break it for your specific needs and wants.

I dare to tread on that path today, featuring the Modern Renaissance Palette, the RMS Living Luminiser, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks.

battle of the beauty sponges

the whole world has done this review and comparison, but I had to see it for myself.

only recently the Real Techniques beauty sponge has been available in store in Portugal, and I’ve been a fan of the Beauty Blender ever since I first used it: these new generation  beauty sponges gave us new appreciation for this little rubberised tools – they can blend in foundation or any cream product, apply powder gently or for baking, and even blend away any makeup mishaps. must-haves, in my book.

but, for less than half the price, is the Real Techniques version comparable to the original Beauty Blender?

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shiseido synchro skin foundation – up close and poresonal

how much do you want to see a foundation behaving on my skin? you really have to want it a lot, because there are close-close-ups on this video. this gal is rubbing her flaws in your face in the name of subjective-makeup-pseudo-science.

I had briefly heard about this foundation on a video, but it was one of those paid-for advertorial product-placement kind of things, and, ever since, the beauty blogger/youtuber in question never mentioned this product again. that usually makes me weary, but… there was something about the footage that kept me intrigued.

so I went to Sephora and, as a poor never-heard-of-by-PR girl, I asked for a sample of it.

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my first Look Fantastic Beauty Box unboxing

some things are just lame, one of them being, with so many cool things available, that my country didn’t have access to any actually cool and worthwhile subscription services for beauty boxes.

enter Look Fantastic, an online store I’d heard about but had never shopped through, opening a Portuguese version of their website. being drawn by keywords like NARS (eheh), I browsed through a bit until I realised they had a beauty box subscription and that they shipped to my country. happy times.

I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to the box, and, one week after placing the order, it arrived my house.

for those of you who may be wondering, a beauty box subscription is a service in which you pay a monthly fee and they send you a box with curated deluxe sample sizes (and even some full sized products) for you to try. I’ve heard there is a world of subscription-box services available (like seeds, vegan food, gadgets, games, etc.), but this being a beauty box one can expect the obvious: makeup, skincare and haircare products.

it´s a fun and affordable way to discover and try out new products, and it even makes a great gift for a beauty-addicted friend.

how much is it?

this subscription service has several options, and you can also purchase one box individually, if you so desire. of course, the longer the “commitment”, the more you save.

12 months subscription — 15,50€/mo
6 month subscription — 17€/mo
3 month subscription — 18€/mo

current month’s box — 18,95€
past months’ boxes — 20€ each

you can find out what each box contains on the website, and order older boxes if the products really interest you, or if you want to take a little sneak peak of how it goes before committing to the whole subscription, which I find quite interesting.

note that, since their goal is to make you buy the full sized products, it is in the company’s best interest to send you good stuff to try out, so…

despite having samples inside the box, they guarantee it is always worth over 50€, so you are always saving some money while staying in touch with what’s new.

the shipping fee is included in the box. weee!

what’s in it, this month?

along with the products, there’s a little magazine/brochure with the description of the products and some cute articles about other products they sell, and (I don’t know if this is a “first time” perk), an Elle magazine — September issue — was included. nice touch, there.

this month’s theme was #bestofbritish, so all of the products were from niche brands from Great Britain.

REN Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist
. 9ml sample, 4,49€ . full size 60ml –29,95€

RENU lip and eye active lift
. 7ml sample, 18,54€ . full size 15ml –33,95£*

BLOOM AND BLOSSOM Rejuvenating Facial Spritz
. 40ml sample, 7€ . full size 100ml – 15£*

PERCY & REED Wonder Balm
. 30ml sample, 8,42€ . full size 75ml – 18£*

BALANCE ME Congested Skin Serum
. 7ml sample, 8,73€ . full size 15ml – 16£*

BEE GOOD Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm
. full size – 5,95€

overall, the value of this month’s box was 53,13€, so I “saved” 37,63€.

*I couldn’t find these products on the Look Fantastic website, so I had to resource to other sellers for price references.

is it worth it?

I’m the worst person to ask that… I mean, I’m addicted to all things beauty — I have a precarious job, I don’t have a lot of free time, I have the perfect looks for radio, and I’m old enough to know better, but I still managed to create TWO blogs and a YouTube channel about this shiz, digging deep into it as if I were 18, had rich parents, an agency and connections in the industry!
AND I’m the biggest enabler you can find: you say “a little pamper”, I say “what spa should we book?”

but… if you’re into beauty stuff like I am, you like to try out new things, you’re in the mood to spoil yourself and 15,50€ per month don’t make a crater in your budget… totally go for it!

now, I ask YOU

would you like me to do an unboxing video like this every month? — I’ll be receiving this beauty box monthly for the next 11 months.

is there any specific product you’d like me to update you about?

do you know any subscription service that ships to this Beauty-Gods-forsaken country that I HAVE to try?