Marc Jacobs Beauty . some impressions

O! Mega Lash mascara, Le Marc lipstick in Dashing, Highliner in Blacquer
O! Mega Lash mascara, Le Marc lipstick in Dashing, Highliner in Blacquer

this brand was recently launched in Portugal, a Sephora exclusive.
having been invited to the launch, I had to go in and check it out.
I left quite disappointed with the lack of taste, attention and… products available at the event (they were too busy showing off a DJ, eating sliders and doing makeup on themselves to actually talk to people into the brand or… stock the display – it was basically empty when I finally dodged the last photographer and managed to oh, I wasn’t being photographed: I was just being inconvenient because I was a person who they didn’t want to take a picture of, but still I was a costumer in the store, near the Marc Jacobs display. I mean… really, what was I thinking?)

anyway, I didn’t come home empty-handed. I’ve read and watched enough about the brand to know that I should save some money and get me a Lolita palette and a New Nude lipstick, but I opted for the 3-in-1-for-broke-people kit: a mascara, a lipstick and a liner (the last two in an adorable travel size).

here’s what I found:

O! MEGA LASH was an ok mascara, but we’re talking about an around-30-euro mascara, here! it should do something that a 12€ one doesn’t. it has a classic bristled wand, not too big, it’s black, non-clumping, averagely volumising, averagely lengthening. as much as my L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes is… the only difference is that the L’Oréal is a bit more crispy, and this one is softer to the touch.
on a scale of uau to ugh, I give it a meh, because the price tag

LE MARC Lipstick in Dashing (206) in its mini version is so cute… I shivered when I decided to actually test it out… but I did it! for science! it is buttery smooth when applied, great pigmentation (one swipe and it’s full-on), and sets to a beautiful semi-matte finish which is very comfortable on the lips. the colour is a beautiful deep red, right up my alley. really nice! the only downside is that, although it is long-lasting, it never sets completely and transfers a slight bit – so it will fade and bleed onto fine lines. not kiss-proof.
on a scale of uau to ergh, I give it a mhmm…like: wouldn’t storm out the door to buy one, but I really want one anyway. wait! I already have one!

HIGHLINER in Blacquer… oh, man… I don’t know if it’s karma because I complained about the launch, or because I was cheap and brought home the sample kit instead of a full sized product, but this… geesh!
I tried to line my eyes and nothing came out. I thought it maybe just needed some warming up on the back of my hand. I rubbed it gently and… it broke! the little **** broke! it feels – and looks on the skin – like a bad crayon, or those old pencils that pulled your eye out before getting any colour onto the skin…
I checked the website and many people complain about the same… brand new, and just completely dry, we’re talking about a 25-dollars-and-more-euros-because-importation product!
on a scale of uau to ergh, I give it a WTF!

wtf moment part II — the swatch
wtf moment part II — the swatch

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