101 . contour and highlight

one of those trends that became an addiction an that, for many, is strange and complicated.

it’s no more than playing with the light and shadows of your face to enhance or recede some areas.

when we’re playing with face sculpting, there’s a few thing we have to keep in mind:

don’t expect radical changes and miracle transformations. that’s Photoshop. or plastic surgery. well made contour should be a barely-there thing, to cheat the eye. if you go all out in hopes of rocking some killer cheekbones, you’ll end up with 50 shades of Brown on your face.
use a light hand, be precise when applying and blend blend blend. lines should become shadows, and the space between light and shadow should fuse seamlessly.

creating shadows and angles on your face may age you. yeah, I know all we see is those your barely 20 something girls with amazingly fierce structured faces, but if something sinks in a face that is already sinking in or sagging, it may not be the best move. take it with a pinch of salt.

creating highlights with shimmers will enhance any texture on your skin: pores, scars, blemishes, dry patches, fine lines… they will all be amped up too.

you can do one or the other or both, you can do anything, but be aware, try things on a rainy day when you’re not leaving the house, and pick your battles. if you don’t need it, why doing it?

generally speaking, people who want to slim down large areas of their face should apply shadow to the outer perimeter (top of forehead, sides of forehead, sides of the cheeks) and highlight the centre (centre forehead, nose, under the eyes and cheekbones, chin).

when you’re going for enhancing some features (like cheekbones or nose), think of enhancing the natural shadows of that feature and boost the light on the high areas.

for contour, you should always go matte and look for a colour that is a couple of shades darker than your skin ton, within a neutral-to-cool undertone (not many people can pull out an orange contour).
to highlight (with mattes, enhancing surfaces), the product should be a couple of shades lighter that your skin tone.
for strobing (or highlighting with shimmers/pearlescent products), the world is your oyster, but you should go for a product that has more of a wet finish instead of thick, crumbly or chunky glitter.

creams or powders? that’s your personal choice, it depends on the finish you’re going for, your skin type, and the products you find easier to blend.

the creams
any concealer that is pigmented and easy to blend, something like the H&M concealers.
Sephora Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo
Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Palette (I cannot, for the life of me, find links to the product, but it’s just been our for a couple of weeks)

the powders
Too Faced Cocoa Contour
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
or any face powder or eyeshadow with good but sheer coverage that is easy to blend in the tones you’re going for. if you’re using eyeshadows, bare in mind they are usually more pigmented, so be careful when applying and blend super duper well.

strobing/shiny highlighters (didn’t have video time to insert them)
again, you can use any light shimmery/metallic eyeshadow.
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector em PressedPoured ou Liquid are my absolute favourites
Kiko just launched the Glowing Pearl Cushion Illuminator Pen, which is a very pretty and subtle liquid illuminator.
and, of course, Soap & Glory Glow All Out.

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